Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just A Cool Moment

I was having a really nasty day today.  My main hope of salvaging anything good from the day was getting my real work done in time to allow me to then delve into a particularly problematic scene in the second book of the Crayder Chronicles, "The Willing".  I think I have finally figured out how to do that scene.

Still, the day's prospects were not great.

On my GoodReads blog, I list just two or three favorite authors.  Among them is Michael J Sullivan.  Sullivan is the author of the very successful "Riyria Revelations" and writes a blog, .  For writers and readers, his blog is a great source of information and insight.

I took a break from real work and opened up Sullivan's blog.  Low and behold, he mentioned my first book, The Reluctant !

Now, it's not like he reviewed the book, which would actually be scary considering he admits that he is hard on books, and he didn't recommend the book.  He merely mentioned it, but that was a thrill nonetheless.

Imagine that you were a baseball player and a Major League player remembered your name.  Would that brighten your day?  I think so.  That little mention brightened my bleak day.

Sometimes, you have to appreciate the small things.

In other news, I received my first non-FIVE star review on Amazon, but it was still FOUR stars.  It was actually a very good review of the story beh8ind the story in The Reluctant .  The book is still averaging FIVE stars on Amazon and B&N and 4.5 stars on Smashwords after eight reviews.

I am still looking forward to writing that scene from "The Willing" today when I get the stuff done that has to be done in the real world, but I am also looking forward to starting a book by another favorite author of mine, Jim Butcher, who is the author of "The Dresden Files".  The new book is "Ghost Story" and from the preview chapter I have read, it promises to be a good one.


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