Thursday, October 13, 2011

We Get By With a Little Help...

...from people who love discovering new authors and talent.  In return, we need to support them.  Here goes:

Ever meet someone who just blows you away with enthusiasm?  You know, one of those people who make YOU tired just watching them.  I have found a few people like that who love to read and love "discovering" new authors and books.  Therefore, today I am highlighting: Indie Supporter .

The site is run by an internet friend of mine mysteriously named JennP.  When I put out my first book, she didn't know me from Adam but offered to review it even though it wasn't a genre she normally loves.  I offered a free copy but she insisted on buying her own.  She said it was because she understood that authors needed to make sales, but I half think she was concerned that she wouldn't like the book.  JennP should I say this?  Honest.  Brutally but courteously in that Texas way.

Not to toot my own horn, but she read the book and became a fan.  She opened up her blog and made it something with a unique flavor in the blogosphere.  I mean, the subtitle to her blog is, "For All Your Literary Crack Needs."  Now I have become a fan of her blog because she does things with tremendous enthusiasm and with a twist all her own. 

One of those little "twists" was an interview she did with my main character, Tom Crayder.  She didn't want to interview me, she wanted to interview him.  I understood, Tom is much more interesting than me anyway.  We got tremendous feedback on that interview and it is available still on her blog at Tom's First Interview .

When she says a book is good, I can trust it.  When I finished "The Willing" and wanted to know if it was any good, I sent it to Jenn first.  I knew she would be honest with me even if she couched her critiques in Texas style niceness.

Did she like the book?  Yes.  Did she tell me where it needed tweaking?  Hell yes.  I changed almost everything she commented on because, I realized, she was right.  She was kind enough to be my crash dummmy and now the book is going out to more beta readers for their input and will be published before Thanksgiving.

To you book bloggers, know that those of us that are indies or published by small houses appreciate you!  You are our best marketing instrument AND you make us better with your honest reviews.

So, go support Jenn's book blog and look for more blogs to be highlighted here in the future.



  1. Great post!! And yes Jenn is a great blogger and friend. She is definitely good with promotion....
    and she is brutally honest. :)

  2. OMG!!!!I had NO idea you were doing this!!!!
    YOU ARE AWESOME and I heart you ALWAYS!!!!!
    I would cry but it would ruin my image ;)

  3. need to add a twitter button on here so I can tweet these posts. ;)

  4. Oh and btw AGAIN,
    I didn't offer to buy it cause I was afraid it would suck. I offered to buy it because I approached YOU about it and yes indies need funds.
    Was I afraid it would suck? Eh, a little but I had high hopes for you and I was right;) ( which I always am btw)

  5. Jenn is AMAZING! I absolutely loved reading this. You have an awesome blog :)