Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BlogTour Stop with Dafeenah

Today stop is with Dafeenah at Indie Designz .  "D" is a very talented cover artist and does some wonderful pieces on getting books ready for publishing.

What sells a book?  I have no idea, but I made a whole guest post about it lol.

(Hint:  Have a good everything!)



  1. Left on Dafeenah's post:

    Dear Splitter--Not only do you write books that are eminently readable (&, I hope, salable) you also write a helluva blog! That's why I'm awarding you my "fishducky approved" button--designed by DAFEENAH, of course!

  2. Its a comin' lol. Love ya, fishducky!

  3. Word of mouth is the thing that works best for me in all honesty. Maybe I'm different than a lot of people out there but I will give things a try based solely on my friends saying "I liked it."

    Your books are a very fine example of this. Tricia said she thought I would enjoy them so I looked up Amazon and donated my money to the cause (even though she gave me a way to get them for free, or at least the first one).
    Between that and interacting with you on Facebook, I enjoyed your personality which makes the decision to give your writing a chance even easier.

    So, when I get the opportunity I try to spread the love. I've recommend your books to complete strangers - selling them on it's a quick fun read and you can get into the 1st one for free - What do you have to lose when you aren't spending a penny?