Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ask Tom Tues--WEDNESDAY. (Yeah, Wednesday because I was too busy yesterday)

Today's question comes from me as I indulge in a bit of writer-navel-gazing. Writers need their characters to grow in some way, to change. Readers need it too and that's one of the reasons a character may or may not be interesting. So saying, I would note that the growth and/or change does not have to be for the better.

Were all of Bilbo's changes for the better? Is Jason Bourne all warm and cuddly now? How about Thelma and Louise? The journey is the interesting part of the change, not the outcome.

So I asked Tom Crayder: What have you learned during your two book journey thus far?

I hoped for some insight from my main character. He has, at times, shown a capacity for introspection. What I got was this.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm Your Author in the Alley

As a midweek surprise today, I have a guest post by fellow/future author Frank Smith.

A little background: Frank and I met on an Internet discussion board. That is sort of the same way I met my wife but please do not confuse the two...Mrs. Splitter is better looking. He and I quickly found out that we were both of a minority opinion on that board and formed one of those new-fangled Internet friendships via that forum's private messaging system.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ask Tom Tuesday : Harry, Harry, Quite Contrary...

There seems to be a burning question out there among women and it has nothing to do with women. I have received several questions pertaining to one subject and all but one of the interested parties has requested to remain anonymous.

I am not sure why women do not want to be identified with their questions on male grooming and can only surmise that their husbands/boyfriends read this blog and the women do not want to start an argument with their significant others. This is in an age when every other television ad is about either E.D. (and if you know what that is, the advertising has been effective) or feminine hygiene (I have even seen these during football games!).

Maybe Tom can help the ladies get the results they want without damaging any egos.