Sunday, August 7, 2011

CONTEST! Win a role in "The Willing"

Would you like to have a role in my next book?

On august 14th, I will randomly pick a winner.  To enter, just hit the “Follow” button on the top left of this page.

I will work with you on doing something fun with this walk-on role.  The cameo appearance in the book can be either male or female.  Either can be good or evil and either can live or die a creative death.  The choice will be yours! 

I MIGHT be able to use your screen name somehow depending on what it is.  I can use your real first name or some nickname we agree upon.

Of course, a no-charge copy of “The Willing” will be yours when it is published.

Just hit that follow button!



  1. I'm already a follower. I think that makes me an instant me so we can discuss details like hair, make up, wardrobe and most importantly .....weaponry ;)

  2. Hi Splitter, I am following from good reads. what a fun contest, great idea to get people here to the site. A very interesting concept.

  3. I just started following yesterday and what greets me in my email? You demanding me to follow ;p What a great idea... I was just working up a post about creative ways to get the readers involved in our writing, and I'm adding you and this contest in there.

    Awesome idea Splitter!