Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Tremendously Fun Interview

Check out an interview with Tom Crayder, the star of The Reluctant , at Indie Supporter .

Jenn, the owner of this unique blog, asked him some GREAT questions and we had some fun with the answers.  Answering as Tom was really a challenge for me.  I kept writing things and then saying to myself, "You can't say that."  Finally, I realized that I wasn't saying it.  Tom was the interviewee, and HE needed to answer the questions.

What came out of it was a really fun, and funny (I hope), interview with a book's main character.   

Thank you, Jenn, for coming up with this very different way to do an interview.  I had a blast!



  1. That was a great interview Splitter! What a neat way to get into your character development as well, I can't seem to get the comments at Jenn's blog working for me, so tell her great job! I subscribed.

  2. Yeah, I am told that her blog site is having trouble with the comments.

    THANK YOU also :). Jenn did a great job with the questions but one or two were tough to answer as Tom.


  3. ALL that work and I still don't get a coveted spot on your blog list?
    That's cool.
    I'll bless your heart later. jk
    It was a total blast to do the interview!
    Thanks so much for letting me do it!!!!

  4. ROFL, did I really just get a southern "bless your heart"? lol

    For those in the north, that means, "He's really not that bright" said very gently.

    I really didn't know how to follow a non-blogspot blog until I just spent the last fifteen minutes figuring it out.

    Bless my heart :).