Monday, August 15, 2011

The Winner: CAMBRIA (Omnibus Post)

Yes, Cambria Herbert has won a spot in my next book, "The Willing".  We had a third party (thanks Katy!) pick the winning number and now Cambria and I will work on fleshing out what kind of character she wants to be.  This is going to be a hoot!

In other news:

Reviews continue to come in and I am still pleased with them.

Amazon:  10 reviews and 4.5 stars.

Smashowrds: 9 reviews and 4.44 stars.

GoodReads:  9 ratings, 8 with reviews (what's up with that?) and 4.44 stars.

Barnes and Noble: 4 reviews and 5 stars.

Some of these reviews have come from people who do not normally read the genre, which is very gratifying.

I recently did a guest blog on Gathering Leaves Reviews .  Drop by and say, "Hi!"

There was an EXCELLENT review of "The Reluctant" on Kiki and Jules Review Blog .  I am tempted to ask them if I can use part of the review for my book blurb.

From the Indolent Reader (love the title lol):  Indolent Reader

I am sure I missed a featured review somewhere so, please, remind me if you come across one that I neglected.


I will be the guest author on "Journal Jabber", an Internet radio show hosted by Journal Stone , on September 6th at 9PM Eastern.  More details as the date approaches. 

There are also two other upcoming events, a feature during "Man Week" and a character interview with Tom Crayder.  I had a HUGE amount of fun with both of these events and will announce them as they happen over the coming week (or two).


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