Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Planes and Flying

A lot of my readers send me questions about Tom and his flying.  The main thing they want to know is whether or not the things Tom does with his plane are realistic.  You be the judge (COOL stuff to follow!):

Shortest Landing EVER! (Piper Cub Modified):

A Cessna C-180 Taking Off in a Pasture (High Altitude Take Off):

Hear the stall warning:

Short take offs and landings (STOL).  Tom flies a C-180, BTW:

A C-180 Visits a Farm:  (I'm not saying these guys are smart, but they are having fun!):

OOPS!  Lay off the brakes just a little:

Yes, what Tom does with his plane is realistic.  Hope you enjoyed!


1 comment:

  1. I now need a barf bag. Good thing I ate breakfast a few hours ago and don't have plans to fly anywhere anytime soon.
    Whew. I can't imagine being that high up and my plane stalling in the center of the mountains. All i could think of was "that's a scenic place to die" oh my!