Saturday, March 17, 2012

Confessions of a Local Author

The BlogTour officially ended with Indie Supporter's interview with Mrs. Splitter.

BUT!  And this is a BIG but,I felt the need to do one more unofficial, unplugged, uncensored guest post and Grrouchie from Confessions of a Local Fish was kind enough to let me vent over there about....everything, but with special emphasis on Social Media.

I swear, Facebook and Twitter will be the downfall of us all.

If you have sensitive ears or can't stand a little rough language, skip this one.  However, I will say that Grrouchie added at least one pic of a babe with a killer Evil Black Rifle and a navel ring...not sure which I like more...



  1. Loved it! V good rant, Splitter.


  2. From Grrouchie's blog:

    I agree with everything everybody said, & I don't think that has ever happened before!! There is nothing more I can add so

  3. Yeah, someone told me she was holding guns, I didn't believe it but thought it would be appropriate